CraZy RandOm LiFe – This or That? – Saturday, July 21

Tami PotterLife.In.Lists.



This or That?

  1. The Novel or the Movie? Movie (Though I love it when Kevin reads the book and give me the additional details.)
  2. Scenic route or fastest route? Scenic Route – though I am generally out voted on this.
  3. Silence or Background Noise? Silence
  4. Modern Cars or Classic Cars? Modern Cars
  5. Ice Cream or Yogurt? Ice Cream
  6. Text or Voice? Voice – but text for some situations.
  7. Movie Theater or DVD? DVD (I save the theater trips for holidays and the "epic" movies.)
  8. Candy or Roses? Roses (better yet, a rose bush.)
  9. Head massage or foot massage? Head (unless I've just spent the day at Disney World.)
  10. Rice or Noodles? Noodles

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