Childhood Memories, Kindergarten – Sunday May 6

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Childhood Memories: When I was in Kindergarten…

1. I attended a private kindergarten (at the same place I went to pre-school) because my mother worked. The public school only offered a half day program.

2. We had to take naps every day. (They spanked children who made noise during nap time.)

3. I loved the time on the play ground – especially when I got to bounce on one of the "hoppity hops."

4. The preschool/kindergarten had an indoor sand table – they only let us play with it occasionally. (I'm sure it was messy.)

5. I don't remember the actual name of the school, but I remember thinking the name had something to do with deer – or Bambi. (It was held in a church.)

6. I remember, once, being one of the last children to be picked up. It had gotten dark outside. I thought my mother had forgotten me. My older brother came to get me.

7. There was always plenty of toys and kids to play with.

8. I remember eating cold cereal – Lucky Charms (without milk) as a snack. I liked the marshmallows. (My mom never bought "sugar" cereal.)

9. I remember learning about music notes – but, I don't remember learning the Alphabet.


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