Childhood Memories, Summer Days

In Childhood Memories, Journal Prompts, Life.In.Lists. by Tami Potter

What do you remembering doing on those Hot Summer Days?

My siblings and I went to the city pool on hot summer days:

1. The pool was located at a local high school.

2. We walked several city blocks to get to the pool (no adults.)

3. There was a tall cinder block wall around the pool so you couldn’t see the pool from outside.

4. Before getting into the pool we were required to shower and wear a swimming cap.

5. There were two pools side by side – the shallow pool (down to about 3-5 feet) and the deep pool (up to 8 feet) that had a diving board.

6. You had to pass a swimming test to be allowed into the deep side of the pool. The test was to swim the length of the pool. I tried once but I didn’t make it.

7. My favorite pool activity was doing flips under the water.

8. A child was allowed to be at the pool without adult supervision as long as they were at least 8 years old.