Planning The Week – Sunday April 15

Tami PotterLife.In.Lists.


Another Sunday – Another NEW week to make a fresh start!

 This week…

1. I am going to design some NEW FREE downloads – I have been slacking on a few things – this is one of them -  time to get my priorities straight! 😉

2. Plan our summer road trip. I have been putting this off – it has kind of been scaring me to plan a very long drive with the price of gas and with the news saying it is just going to get higher!

3. Listen to Cole read more about Robinson Crusoe – We kind of took a break from the story and it is time to get back to it.

4. Start working on a new writing editor for Journella – I hope to be starting this week because I realize more and more how much we need the writing feature of a journal website to be friendly and easy to use. (Duh right?) Our current editor is not really ready for the amateur journal writer (someone who has never blogged) – it takes some skill to navigate through the process.


What are your goals for the coming week? Add your list to our comments for a chance to win our weekly drawing.