Oh my word “Superstition”

In Life.In.Lists., OH MY WORD! by Tami Potter


There are lots of memories inside our minds – sometimes we just need a little nudge to coax them out.

What are the first things that come to mind when you READ this:



My List:

1. Friday the 13th – Having been born on the 13th, the whole “13” superstition thing seems null and void for me. 🙂

2. Blacks Cats – I had a cute one when I was little. It had white “mittens” so may be that doesn’t count.

3. I don’t believe that people or things can be “bad luck.”  (I do believe in karma.)

4. When I was at a sleep over in grade school a friend told us all about this “bloody mary curse.” It was related to looking in a mirror, in the dark, and repeating the words “I believe in bloody mary”. I don’t actually know who bloody mary is, but, I was freaked out by mirrors in dark rooms for years after that.



What “Superstition” thoughts came to your mind?