Oh My Word, REPEAT – Wednesday, July 18

Tami PotterLife.In.Lists., OH MY WORD!


There are lots of memories inside our minds – sometimes we just need a little nudge to coax them out.

What are the First Five things that come to mind when you READ this:


My List:

1. I am not a big "repeat" movie watcher. Once I've seen it I probably won't watch it again. But I do have my favorite exceptions – like Pride and Prejudice.

2. I repeated a couple of classes (Biology and Mythology) in college (when I didn't get the grade I wanted the first time.)

3. Potato Soup – a repeat recipe. My family likes it and I like to make it. win-win!

4. Repeat Customer – Once I find a store/business/product I like, I am most likely to be a repeat customer. Example: several yogurt stores have recently opened in WIlliamsburg – our "repeat" yogurt spot is Sweet Frog. (I've learned if you like something you should support it – or next thing you know it might just be gone.)

5. Disney World – our repeat vacation spot. We love Disney and we return as frequently as possible.

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