It’s My Life – Positive Spin – Tuesday August 21

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Putting A Positive Spin on Life

Have you seen the movie Pollyanna? I loved that movie when I was a little girl. I was nothing like Pollyanna when I was a child. Like most children I blamed misery on "circumstances beyond my control." Of course, I grew up, and in time I learned that happiness is a choice – one I have to make every day.

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Things I "Pollyanna" in my life:

1. Photographs that don't always turn out as I'd like. (Mosaic Moments™ helps me make the best of them.)

2. Meals that don't look like the picture in the recipe book. (Just because it isn't pretty, or doesn't taste as good as I'd hoped, doesn't mean it can't fill a tummy!)

3. Travel issues. Example – We got stuck on a bridge for over an hour. I had to use the ladies room REALLY bad so it was difficult to wait. I decided to get out of the car to enjoy the beautiful weather and the view. If we had not been stopped, and I had I not gotten out of the car and looked over the edge of the bridge, I would have never seen a pair of sting rays playing around in the water – it was such an unexpected treat!

4. Things I can't change. I like to be in control of my life and circumstances around me; but, I have learned to recognize where my role ends. (It isn't going to make my life better or easier or happier to fret over "those" things.)

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