I “Heart” Nostalgia – Thursday February 23

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As an adult I find myself drawn to things I remember from my childhood:

I still "heart"…


1. Snoopy – I fell for snoopy when I was about 11 years old. – Now, I skip most commercials but, I hold the Tivo to watch Snoopy pedal for Met Life. My kids know I love "Peanuts" so they buy me snoopy cards and stuff. I totally love both (The kids and the snoopy stuff.)

2. Magenta Crayons – my favorite crayon in the second grade. – Now, I am still a big fan of crayola and I am still attracted to bright pink stuff.

3. Winnie the Pooh – I remember they sold stuffed Pooh Bears wearing red shirts at the Sears store. On a shopping trip with my mom I asked if I could have one; but, buying school clothes was the priority. – Now, I have the kids bathroom decorated with classic Winnie the Pooh accessories.

4. Hostess Snowballs (with pink coconut) – I loved this pink coconut covered treat as a child. – Now, I don't love them, but occasionally (say once every few years on a road trip) I buy one anyway just because.

5. R2-D2 – I was in grade school when the first Star Wars movie came out. I was one of many young girls who loved R2-D2 and who had a big crush on Luke Skywalker. – Now, my daughter, Alexis, loves Star Wars. It is really fun to look at all the cute Star Wars stuff with her.

6. Gilligan's Island – Watching this was one of my favorite after school activities. I liked the professor – he was smart. – Now, I get the "warm fuzzies" when I hear the theme song or references to the show.

7. Olympic Gymnastics – My mom watched the show "The Young and The Restless" when I was a young girl so I heard the Y&R theme song played daily in our house. Then, in 1976, Wide World of Sports lent the music for a montage of Romanian gymnast Nadia Comăneci's routines during the 1976 Summer Olympics. Nadia Comaneci scored several perfect 10's. I had never been interested in watching the Olympics before; but, hearing the familiar song got my attention and I, along with the rest of America, fell in love as we watched Nadia Comaneci score several perfect 10's. The song became very popular for awhile. It became well known, not as the theme for Y&R, but, as Nadia's theme. (I bought the single.) – Now, I still love to watch Olympic Gymnastics.

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