I “Heart” Birthdays – Thursday, March 15

Tami PotterLife.In.Lists.


Last week my daughter had a birthday. Today is Kevin's birthday. Needless to say, birthday's have been on my mind.

My TOP 10 Birthday Memories:

1. Each year on each of my children's birthdays remembering back to the day they were born. 

2. Cole's 1st birthday we celebrated at Disney World and had a birthday breakfast with Tigger and Pooh.

3. Paije's 8th birthday  – lots of girl friends came over and made daisy chain bracelets with beads.

4. Paije's 10th birthday – we had a "pool party" at our local rec center. They played "shark" with a rec center staff member. 

5. Alexis 7th birthday – we hired a magician/balloon animal artist. We had 30 kids at our house; but, it was a blast! (In fact the magician was so good we hired her again for Cole's 6th birthday.) 

6. Alexis 14th Birthday part 1- Shopping Trip. It was a girl's shopping day. Kevin filled a cooler with gourmet sodas and treats for us to have in the car with us. (So Sweet!) We (her sister and I) took Alexis to a new outdoor shopping center and watched her try on a ton of clothes, hats, and accessories. Then we had lunch at a new restaurant.

7. Alexis 14th Birthday part 2 – Halloween themed Surprise! The shopping trip was a really fun "decoy" to help us keep the real party a surprise. We spent the weeks before the big day decorating – we said we were decorating for Halloween. The kids arrived 15 min before the birthday girl. We played a bunch of minute to win it games.

8. Cole's 7th Birthday – we were at Disney World again. This time we all watched as Cole was turned into an "official pirate" – this was sooo much fun! 

9. Kevin's 30th & 50th Surprise Parties – he was totally surprised both times and everyone had a lot of fun. 

10. My 15th birthday – my sister threw a surprise party for me – I was TOTALLY surprised. It was a lot of fun.


Things I "heart" about birthdays:

1. Planning a Party.  this is my favorite part of birthdays, picking a theme, making the invitations, the food, the decorations… 

2. Decorating with Streamers. (I don't love getting the tape off my ceiling later but I love how festive it looks.)

3. Balloons – lots and lots of colorful balloons.

4. Pictures – Birthdays are great for taking pictures. The gifts, the guests, the food, the decorations…

6. Cake (or pie or cup cakes…) We let the birthday boy/girl choose the dessert.

7. Shopping for presents.

8. Breakfast with Daddy. Kevin takes our children out for a special breakfast on their birthday – the kids get to choose. With our girls it is usually IHOP or Cracker Barrel; however, Cole picked Dunkin Donuts last time.

What are your favorite birthday memories? – what do you love about birthdays?  Add your list to our comments for a chance to win our weekly drawing.