CraZy RandOm Day – Sat. August 18

Tami PotterLife.In.Lists.



Every day has a story. Will you remember yours? Making a detailed list might just help!

1. Took Alexis to Cross Country Practice.
2. Went to visit a friend.
3. Called Kevin and asked him if he wanted to go to Trader Joes with me because while I was at my friends house she told me they sold Coconut Oil. (Kevin had been searching for coconut oil to make popcorn but hadn’t been able to find any.)
4. Made penne pasta and chicken to go with the pesto I purchased at Costco, for lunch.
5. Took my daughter, Alexis to Charming Charlies to buy a birthday gift for her friend.
6. Went to Barnes and Noble (Kevin and Cole went there while we were at Charming Charlies.)
7. Kevin told me he couldn’t get Cole to leave (he was playing in the kids section.)
8. I went to the kids section to find Cole. I used one of my “Mom tricks.” He came immediately with no fussing. 🙂
9. Went to Trader Joes and bought the Coconut oil (and a treat for Cole and Alexis.)
10. Drove by an area where a couple of new buildings are “popping up” to see what is coming to town.
11. Helped Kevin here and there with a “honey do” project (adding a few cabinets & a sink to my studio space.)
12. Made banana chocolate chip pancakes for dinner.
13. Took Alexis to her friends birthday party.
14. Watched Kevin install the upper cabinets. Yeah!
15. Chatted with a friend on the phone and made plans for lunch next week & Chatted with Alexis about the party when she got home.