CraZy RandOm Life – Tuesday, September 25

Tami PotterLife.In.Lists.


Sometimes I don't like making decisions. It can be tough being that person who says, "the buck stops here." It's great when a decision turns out to be a good one; however, I know that all too often, things do not turn out the way we hoped they would. Thankfully we have those "little voices" that lead us in the right direction when we pause to listen.

Decisions I've had to make this week (some were easy – some were not):

1. Looking over next years conventions and deciding which ones we will/will not be attending. (not easy)

2. What to get my daughter for her birthday. (always seems fun – but…)

3. What to make for dinner? (why does this inconsequential decision always seem so hard?)

4. Which papers to order – if only we could have them all! 🙂

5. Which week to sign up to bring the soccer team snacks.


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