CraZy RandOm LiFe – Power Outage – Saturday, July 28

Tami PotterLife.In.Lists.


Summer is a time for sunshine, bar-b-ques, heat waves, and flashy storms that knock out the power!

When the power goes out…

1. I search for the flashlights. (I've purchased a small flash light for each member of the family to keep beside their bed; but, the kids do not leave them in the proper place, so I end up on a hunt.) If I can't find the flashlights I get out the candles.

2. I tell the kids "DO NOT open the refrigerator!"

3. I text friends to see how wide spread the outage is.

4. We call the power company to get news of the length of the outage.

5. With all the electronics down, I enjoy having time to read.

If it is a long outage…

6. I fill the bath tub with water (a reserve for flushing in case the water also goes out.)

7. Kevin starts up the generator and hooks up the refrigerator so all the frozen stuff doesn't thaw out.

8. Kevin hooks up power (via the generator) to the pump that keeps up with the drainage (sewer) so we don't have a back up issue. (That would be very unpleasant!)

9. We get out the board games.


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