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I Remember…

1. My niece McKenzie called me on September 11. She told me to turn on my TV. A plane had hit the world trade center.

2. We were talking and watching the news when the second plane hit.

3. My mind was saying, "Did that just happen?!"

4. I called my brother on the Pacific Coast – it was very early. I told him to turn on his TV.

5. Kevin was at his job. They hadn't seen the news but people were talking about it.

6. Then the Pentagon was hit and another plane went down. I wondered when it would end.

7. I decided to go the school. I brought my daughter home. (I wanted my children to be with me.)

8. For days I had the TV turned to the news until I finally just couldn't take it anymore.

9. Years later our family took a trip to NYC and visited the WTC site. There was still a huge hole in the ground.

10. I still cry when I think about that day.

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