Crazy Gadgets! – Saturday, February 25

Tami PotterLife.In.Lists.




Grateful for Gadgets!

I certainly feel I have been blessed by the invention of these gadgets:

1. Cell phones – When I was in college I rarely spoke to my parents. My first semester my only access to a phone was a pay phone on the street corner near my apartment. Now my daughter is at college and she can contact me from where ever she is: riding in a car, at her apartment, walking between classes… a huge comfort for parents.

2. Personal Computers – When I was in high-school I took a typing class on an electric typewriter where you had to back up and use correction tape if you misspelled a word. Yes, I am grateful for personal computers!

3. iPods – Music has come a long way – from records and cassettes to CD's and now digital. It is amazing to have a huge library of music at my finger tips without having to lug around a big organizer.

4. Digital Cameras – I loved being in a dark room, watching images appear on paper; but, I can't say I miss developing rolls and rolls of film!

5. Debit cards – I love not having to carry a check book!

6. TiVo – BEST THING EVER to happen to people who watch television! TV used to "run our lives" now we can watch what we want, when we want to, and we can skip through the commercials!


Which gadgets have changed your life?  Add your list to our comments for a chance to win our weekly drawing.