What I Wish For…

In Life.In.Lists. by Tami Potter


Wishes for myself  

When I was a girl in Junior High School I wished I had a smaller nose. I wished for perfect skin, better hair, a great wardrobe, and for everyone to like me.

As each decade has passed by, the things I want and expect for myself change. So, here I am in my 4th decade. What do I wish for myself now?

1. I wish I were more brave. I’ve taken plenty of risks in some aspects of my life – but almost none in others.

2. I wish for more confidence in the personal revelation I receive. I second guess these things far too often.

3. I wish I knew more words, their meaning, and how to use them properly, so I could be more precise in expressing my thoughts. I also wish I knew how to speak other languages.

4. I wish to help my children be wiser than I was at their age.

5. I wish to have the desire to do all the things, that I know are good – but, I don’t always feel like doing, for myself and my family.


What do you wish for yourself?