My Valentine’s Celebration List

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My Valentine’s Celebration List

Earlier this week I went shopping and prepared for a “Count Down” to Valentine’s Day.  


1. I purchased Bath Tub Crayons

Bath tub crayons


2. I bought heart shaped candy.

Choco hearts


3. I printed a bunch of I Love Yous on a sheet of cardstock.



4. I used a punch to shape them into hearts.

Love punch


5. I taped the hearts onto the back of the candy.

Candy message

6. I started (Feb 1st) putting a candy, with I Love You message, on my kids pillows each night – to lead up to Valentines Day.

Bed 1 Bed 2

7. Are you wondering about those washable crayons? … a fun way to surprise Kevin with shower messages each morning until Valentine’s Day. 🙂