Oh my word “Prank”

In Life.In.Lists., OH MY WORD! by Tami Potter


There are lots of memories inside our minds – sometimes we just need a little nudge to coax them out.

What are the first things that come to mind when you READ this:



My List:

1. Two of our friends are football team competitors. One cheers for the Cowboys the other is for the Redskins. Once, while “cowboy fan” was away on vacation “redskins fan” got access to his house. He smothered the place (inside and out) with redskin team decor and watched for the reaction when “cowboy fan” returned home. (I am not a big pro football fan; however, I have to say, these two make watching the Cowboys vs the Redskins each year a fun event!)

2. As the youngest in my family I was witness and victim to MANY pranks; but, I never was a prankster myself. (I guess it is kind of hard to pull a prank on older/smarter/more experienced siblings and get away with it.)

 3. The first Halloween after Kevin and I were married we went to a haunted house that was held at a state hospital that was once called the “Territorial Insane Asylum”. (The area used was no longer being used by the hospital – it was run down and very creepy after dark.) The haunted house was a yearly (highly successful) fund raiser. Obviously it was a very popular haunted house and very effective at being scary.

As we were walking through the rooms Kevin was right behind me with his hand on my shoulder. At some point, one of the “characters” replaced Kevin without me noticing. When I turned toward Kevin but instead saw a creepy character with his creepy hand on my shoulder I just about had heart failure it startled me so much! (That has continued to be my most memorable Halloween activity ever.)

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What “Prank” thoughts came to your mind?