Monster Memories

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It was Sooo Scary!

Some of the Scary things I remember from childhood…

1. THE RAT! We lived in an older home in the city. Little did we know that rats could come into a home via the sewers! We had a big incident involving one such rat (that entered our home by way of the basement toilet.) It eventually ended in rat blood splattered on the kitchen floor.

2. LYE Nightmares. So, because of the rat incident, city workers told my parents to put lye in the toilets periodically to prevent any future rat intrusions. My mom kept the lye in a container high above the refrigerator. She told me not to touch it. When I inquired what it was she explained – sort of. Being very young I imagined the lye as a monster that would EAT me if it got out of the container.

3. The Sandy River. To prevent me from going into the deeper water, my older siblings told me that if I went out into the river I’d get sucked down into a “sink hole.” (Thus began my life long fear of deep lake/river water.)


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What fears or nightmares did you have as a kid?