Happy Easter – Sunday April 8

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Easter Memories and Plans

Favorite Easter Memories

1. My mom made my sister and I Easter dresses every year and we always got new white shoes to wear to church on Sunday.

2. One year our neighbor gave my brother, sister and I chocolate Easter bunnies – it was a big deal to us (My parents weren't really big on buying that kind of stuff – too many kids I guess).

3. Easter Basket from Mom – When I was 18 my mom surprised me with an Easter Basket filled with goodies. One of the items was a tiny little rabbit that carried a little purse. I was really surprised and I kept that little rabbit for many years (The kids finally got it – it is probably still hanging around here somewhere.) I guess the basket was the benefit of being the last child still at home.

4. Easter Basket from Kevin – it was certainly difficult to top that basket from my mom, but Kevin did it. During the time Kevin was trying to "win my heart" he left town for Easter weekend to visit his Mother. I was surprised when my roommate answered a knock at the door on Easter morning and found a basket filled with goodies – even more surprised when she said it was for me!


Easter Future

1. Egg Hunting at Grandma's house (that will be me one day.)

2. Egg hunting for adult kids – I got this idea from my brother's family. He and his wife do an egg hunt for their adult kids and it sounds like so much fun! (They can be pretty competitive about finding those "prize eggs!") Rumor has it that one year, Tom locked Parri in the garden shed to keep her from finding the "big prize."

3. Next year I am going to do better with Easter because I have to admit, we forgot to get out the decorations this year and Kevin and I did the Easter Shopping yesterday. We did help Cole make pink cupcakes to leave out for the Easter Bunny.

EB cupcake

In the morning all but the wrapper had disappeared. 🙂


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