Crazy about Typography

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Share a Skill – Typography Tips

Since the first time I was assigned to create a word in “Garamond” type (drawn by hand), I have been in love with Typography. I enjoyed every moment of the three type courses I took in college and I am very attracted to art work that includes some form of type.

A Few Things I’ve learned About Typography…


1. When using type, limit the number of fonts used to two (three absolute max) and if you do use three use the third sparingly. (And after saying that, I will add, there are special circumstances where I may decide it appropriate to break this rule.)

2. Don’t mix multiple Serif or San Serif fonts – When using multiple fonts stick to one serif and one san serif. (A third font choice would generally be a decorative or script font – used sparingly.)





3. Leading is the space between lines of text. It can greatly effect the readability of your content. Leading needs to be adjusted according to the type face, size, weight and measure used.

5. Measure is the length (width) of each line of type. If it is is too wide it makes it difficult for the reader to follow.

6. Kerning is the space between letters. My typography instructor expected titles to be expertly kerned – he preferred “tight” kerning.

7. When creating an area with type, pay attention to the white space, or the space between the elements, such as titles and body of text. Make sure they are balanced.


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