Childhood Memories, Music

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What do you remember about music as a kid? 

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Things I remember about music: 

1. My mother had some record albums that had Japanese images on them. I was curious and played them once – I expected to hear Japanese but the music was opera style. (I believe it was the music for the opera Madama Butterfly.)

2. I remember my brother had an 8 track player in his truck. I listened to “American Pie” over and over while I sat waiting for him.

3. My sister, Joann, played guitar and taught us to sing. Our favorite sing-a-long songs were: Blowing in the Wind, One Tin Soldier, Country Roads, Puff the Magic Dragon, Where have all the Flowers Gone, and anything from the Sound of Music.

4. When I was in 3rd grade I heard the Portland Symphony play (live) for the first time. I have loved to listen to classical music ever since.

5. My sister, Karen, liked to listen to Jim Neighbors sing. She even had an album (or may be it belonged to my mom) I thought she was crazy – he was old and he was Gomer Pile!

6. The first single record I purchased was Come Sail Away by Styx.