Childhood Memories, Milk – Sunday July 29

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What I remember about MILK:

1. Drive Through Dairy – When we lived in the city, I remember my mom driving up to a building. A man came out, asked my mom what she wanted, brought out her order and put it in the car.

2. Big Jars of Raw Milk – When we moved to the country my mom found a dairy that sold raw milk. She would take a big gallon+ sized jar with her. The milk was self serve – there was a tap with a hose on it to fill your own jug. Over night the cream would separate and she'd skim it off the top. (Once we made real butter with the cream.)

A few years later the Dairy told Mom they couldn't sell the milk direct/raw anymore -  due to government regulations. She was not happy about that.

3. A Nickle – My mom usually made our school lunches and sent us with a nickle for milk. The school had chocolate and regular milk but the teachers discouraged us from buying the chocolate milk.

4. Powdered Milk – For a few years, I guess powdered milk was less expensive than fresh milk. My mom tried every trick under the sun, but we (my brother, sister and I) would not drink it.



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