Happiness is… Thursday May 10

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What Made Me Happy Today? Happiness is… 1. Chocolate Covered Strawberries (Kevin bought them for me before he left for the Great Lakes Mega Meet.) 2. A fun decorative font (link to Rapscallion font – pictured below) – (I was able to use this font and my design skills to help a friend with an invitation – that always makes …

Arcostic Words on Wednesday, May 9

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ACROSTIC – LIST CHALLENGE: Write your name down the left-hand side of the page, (like you would for an acrostic poem). Next to each letter write a positive word that describes YOU. (That begins with that letter, of course.) Thankful Artistic Motivated Ingenious Mine was easy – I have a short name, it's not my fault. My mother gave it …

Free Day – Tuesday, May 8

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If you had a free day – to do anything you wanted – what would you do?   FREE DAY! I am sure all this would change, depending on my mood at the time; but, if I had a free day… 1. I'd get Kevin to spend the day with me. 2. I'd get up early. I am an early …

Mosaic Moments – bits and pieces

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My mother made many quilts over the years. Some of the most cherished included fabric scraps from clothing she made for us. I love the idea of making my "scraps" useful like she did. Mosaic Pages are a great way to use those bits and pieces that are left over from a varity of projects. With just a few small …

Childhood Memories, Kindergarten – Sunday May 6

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  Childhood Memories: When I was in Kindergarten… 1. I attended a private kindergarten (at the same place I went to pre-school) because my mother worked. The public school only offered a half day program. 2. We had to take naps every day. (They spanked children who made noise during nap time.) 3. I loved the time on the play …


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Life.in.Lists. Weekly Drawing: Participants will be entered in a weekly drawing for a $15 Coupon good for Mosaic Moments™ products on Snapncrop.com. (To participate simply add your list to our comments on daily posts – the more days you participate the better your chances to win.) Aren't sure how to leave a comment/List? Click here for the details.

Out of Place – Saturday, March 31

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Out of Place Do you ever wonder how things got where they are?   1. There's a plastic candy cane in the pencil holder on my desk – I have no idea what it is doing in there. (It really should be packed away with the Christmas tree ornaments.) 2. Inside that same pencil holder I found a ping pong …

Begin with…A Memory Exercise – Friday May 4

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I have friends who I can easily chat with on the phone for hours. We start talking and the conversation just continues to flow from one subject to another. Memories can be a lot like conversations they can begin in one place an end in a completely different place. Try it out: Begin with… a circular object … like the …

Home is where the Heart is – Thursday May 3

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  Home is where the Heart is   Until a few years ago, when people asked me, "Where are you from?" I hesitated before answering. That's a good question I'd think to myself. I was born in Idaho shortly after my family moved across the border to Oregon. When I was 3-4 we lived in Eastern Washington. Then we moved …

oh my word DARE! Wednesday May 2

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I double dog DARE you! When I was a kid I remember the news talking about a man, named Evel Knievel, who was going to jump over the Snake River Canyon. It seemed like a crazy thing to do – no one could jump over a big canyon like that! Right? He survived the stunt – but, as I remember …